Sold Souls 7"

by Raindance

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    Sold Souls 7"
    Out on Epidemic Records, from Italy.

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released November 30, 2011



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Raindance New Bedford, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Sold Souls
So tell me son
are you happy with the man you have become,
the life you live?

When this world is an ocean that you're drowning in
will you sink or swim, will you sink or swim?
When everyone has a demon knocking at there front door
would you let him in or would you run from it?

Now you own my words and you own my
thoughts every feeling ive ever felt.
I was sinking when I was trying to swim
the air was becoming thin.
So I shook your had and signed my name
you were the hand that fed so I indulged in it.

Now take my words and fill your chamber
blow away the soul I sold mine over too.
Track Name: Rain
So sing to me as I wait in the rain.

Now I'll let the rain wash over me.
Everyone's a liar, everyone's a thief.
You stole the last ounce of hope
that I had left in me.
So sing me your songs of how you've never been in love.
Now tie the mic chord around your neck.
In hopes that you'll never sing again.

Her loveless eyes are staring into mine the word she speaks they stab like sharpened knives.
Drink up, drink up. I've got something romantic planned
the table's set and the guns in place,
this is a friendly song of russian roulette.

(Your words,)
So sing to me,
(o' how they hurt.)
your song of deceit.

First sing,
then feel,
then care,
now love.

The rain is stinging you keep on singing.

I'll let the rain wash over me.